General Information

"It will help get rid of forces violating the airspace of your base. Invisible to enemies."

  • Range:  6 tiles
  • Damage type:  Single Target
  • Targets:  Air
  • Primary target: Any

Note: At level 3, this trap can fully kill a level 2 Black Hawk or level 6 Nurse in one hit. 

Tip: Pairing two Air Torpedos together will destroy any single flying unit in the game. Also try pairing with two Airship Bombs for devestating results.

Building and Upgrading

Level Damage Rearm Cost Icon gold Upgrade Cost Icon gold Upgrade Time
1 1,500 6,000 60,000 -
2 1,800 8,000 1,500,000 3 d
3 2,100 10,000 4,500,000 4 d
4 2,420 15,000 6,500,000 4 d

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