This page is dedicated to strategies and tactics used while upgrading a base. 

General Information

For information on base styles and types, see Base Designs.

For strategies for successfully attacking a base, see Base Offense . 

For information on defending a base, see Base Defense.


Each Building in Jungle Heat has a purpose. Part of the challenge of the game is to make your base stronger by using the buildings effectively. First, we should discuss each building and what their uses. 

Command Center

  • The Command Center is the heart of the base. Upgrading it gives the player access to new buildings, walls, traps and troops. Upgrading the command center also allows the player to increase the levels of their buildings, improving defense buildings and granting higher resource generation through upgraded resource buildings. Having a higher level Command Center gives the player the walls needed to build better and more complex bases.  

Clan HQ

  • The Clan HQ is a building that houses donated troops from your clan. These troops can be used to add additional power to offense or defense and must be replenished by request.  Upgrading your Clan HQ increases the capacity of the building, allowing your clan to donate a greater amount of troops. To find out more about the types best suited for donation, see Base Defense


  • Walls are used to add structure to a base. They will to slow the advance of enemy troops and to help guide ground forces into traps and ambushes. Upgrading walls changes their look and also grants them more health, making them harder to destroy. 

Army Buildings

  • All Army Buildings are used to house, create or upgrade troops. Plain and Simple. Upgrading these buildings will grant them some health, making them take longer to destroy, but mainly allow a user to improve their army. Army Buildings need not be defended because nothing is lost when they are destroyed. 

Defense Buildings

  • Defense Buildings are used to destroy invading armies. Aside from the SHIELD Generator, all Defense Buildings have some way or shooting, launching or firing a projectile to kill enemies. Each Defense Building has a limited number of spaces in their attack radius and some buildings only attack ground or air troops. 

Resource Buildings 

  • Resource Buildings store and generate resources for the user. These resources are used to upgrade buildings and create or improve troops. Attackers can steal resources stored in these buildings up to the maximum amount allowed by the game. See Base Offense for information on stealing resources and the penalty applied to each attack. 


  • Traps are defensive objects that are hidden from the enemy. If any enemy unit comes within the detonation zone, they will be severely punished. Each trap will strike either ground or air units and can be upgraded for more damage. 

Worker's Hut

  • The Worker's Hut doesn't seem like a very important building. It doesn't have very much health and it won't shoot at attacking armies. However, this is one of the most important buildings in the game because each one you have grants you an additional worker to help build your base. You don't have to defend this building, but you do need at least four to build your base at a decent speed. This building is purchased with Diamonds, however you don't need to buy any with real currency to get a fourth worker. If you don't spend Diamonds on anything except workers, then you should have four by the time you reach Command Center level five. Simply clear the trash on your map and complete Achievements. 

Upgrading Buildings

Upgrading the buildings in your jungle is a very interactive and important part of the game. Each base will function differently depending on wall placement and level of buildings. Each building has strengths and weaknesses and has been designed for a particular purpose or to defend against a particular troop. Below we will discuss some of these buildings and their uses. 


The Cannon is the base defensive building. It can only hit ground units, but has 60% more health than a Watchtower and does the same amount of damage at level 13. This building can be placed in any level of the base, but does best on the outside perimeter because of the increased health. 


The Watchtower is a base defensive building that can hit air and ground units. It does the same amount of damage as a Cannon, but has a longer range and less health. This is the first building you are able to build that can hit air units. It can be placed in any level of the base, but is best suited for the center and middle sections because of it's longer range. This building can also be placed on the perimeter to provider coverage of resource buildings outside of the exterior wall.


The Mortar is a specialized defensive building that is effective against groups of enemy troops. It has a range that is equal to the Watchtower, but cannot strike targets within four spaces of itself. The Mortar launches one round every 5 seconds and is one of the only two defensive buildings that can miss it's target. To find the damage per second of the Mortar, you should multiple the amount you see in the description by 5. For example, a level 7 building does 55 damage per strike. That may not seem like a lot, but this is one of the three buildings that has unlimited damage capability. The Mortar's damage is only limited by the amount of enemy troops it strikes at one time and whether or not the round hits. For example, if one round were to hit 200 Riflemen, then the damage would be 11,000 (55x200) whereas a Cannon's damage would be capped at 96 per round. Because of the damage capability, this building is extremely effective against Gunners, Slashers and Riflemen and marginally effective against Spies and Mosquitos because of their speed. Mortars should only be placed in the middle and outside layers of the base, where they can reach their intended targets; Spies and Riflemen. Place the Mortars where they cover all of the buildings ouside of the exterior wall, primarily resource buildings. 

Note: Unfortunately, the Mortar is fairly useless until later levels of the game. At level 7 it can kill a group of level 6 Riflemen in one hit. At level 12 it can kill a group of level 5 Spies in one hit. However, it can never be upgraded high enough to kill any other units.

Flame Tower

The Flame Tower is a specialized defensive building that can hit grounds of air and ground units. This building is one of the only two defensive buildings that can miss it's target, but has a damage capability that is only limited by the amount of targets in the blast radius. The Flame Tower's damage is second only to the Death Ray on the area setting. For example, a level 8 Flame Tower does 825 damage (55x15) per second when targeting a group of 15 Gunners. Due to the massive damage capability, this building should be placed in the center and middle layers of the base. 

Note: The Flame Tower is one of the most lethal defensive buildings in the game. A level 8 building can destroy a group of Riflemen in one hit, Slashers in two hits and Gunners in 14.  


Jericho are defensive buildings that can hit air units only. However, they are extremely powerful and have 267% more damage than a Watchtower. At higher ratings, Jericho placement and building level could lead to victory or defeat. Placing Jerichos in the center section protects against air units. Placing them in the outside section makes you stronger versus ground units and weaker to air units. I would suggest placing them in the middle section for ratings between 2000 and 2400. Ratings above 2400 you may elect to place them in the center area. Ratings below 2000 you may place them in the outside area because it is unlikely you will get attacked by air units. 

Caution: With the introduction of the daily missions, it is possible to get attacked by air units at any level. 

Death Ray

The Death Ray is a building with multiple shooting options. On the "single" setting it has the longest range and highest attack range of any single target building. On the "area" setting it can be upgraded to the same damage as a level 7 Flame Tower, but is not power powerful than the Flame Tower at maximum level.  

SHIELD Generator The SHIELD Generator is a support building that either raises the health or damage of your other buildings. by up to 15%. At some point in the game you will have the option to build the generator and the decision on whether or not it will provide the greatest benefit for the gold spent. I went through the same thing, and so I created a functional example on the SHIELD Generator page here. In conclusion, only the Death Ray will provide more damage bonus than the generator on a cost to cost basis. However, this building should only be built if all Watchtowers and Cannons are at least level 9 and Flame Towers are at least level 6. 

Spider Gun

The Spider Gun is a specialized defensive building that can only hit ground units. This building can neither hit nor miss because the rounds emanating from it meander through the jungle until they reach the edge of the map and then disappear. It is very possible that targets directly in front of the Spider Gun can be safe from harm depending on which side of the building the rounds launch. The rounds do damage and have a secondary effect of slowing enemy troops or doing additional damage. The direction the round travel is based on the wall structure of your base and you may have to test to find a good location. In general, the Spider Gun should be placed in a central location within the base.

Note - The Spider Gun is one of the most devastating buildings in the game because it can destroy troops from the opposite side of the map, sometimes in one hit. 

Lightning Gun

The Lightning Gun was brought out to defend against the most powerful unit, the Predator.  At maximum power it hits three times harder than a Jericho and it can shred a Predator in just a few seconds. Get it as fast as possible and upgrade it whenever you can. 

Early Levels

From the start of the game to a Command Center level of 5 is generally considered to be the Early Levels. During this period, you'll spend most of the time constructing the available buildings, experimenting with battle and learning the boundaries of the game. It is important to learn the limitations and range of the troops you have and to upgrade your Barracks to level 5, to gain the ability to build Pyros. Become familiar with the Achievements and complete as many as you can. The experience you gain doesn't affect the game in any way, but the Diamonds will help you buy more workers. The most important thing to do at this level is learn the game and gather resources. Don't worry about things like medals or trophies and don't spend your Diamonds on anything else until you have four Worker's Huts. 

Base Offense

Attacking other bases in this stage will be as easy as the game gets. Your army should consist of at least 100 units of Slashers, Riflemen, Bombers and Gunners. Nurses and Hornets are generally useless at all levels of the game and Pyros shouldn't be needed at this level. If you're having problems destroying bases with this combination, then level up Rally Points and the Lab to give you the upper hand. 

Tip: Don't worry about scoring big time gold every attack at this level. If you come across an easy base with equal to or more oil than it takes to build your army, then destroy it. Your army shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to build and you'll be able to attack again soon. Remember, destroying two easy bases with 50k gold/oil is much better than destroying a medium-hard base with 100k gold/oil. You'll gain more medals and trophies for the same amount of oil, but with less effort. 

Tip: If you start seeing bases that are too hard to destroy, consider losing on purpose. There are a variety of ways to lose and still get resources. Find a range that you feel comfortable in, gather resources, upgrade buildings and obliterate bases! See Base Offense

Base Defense

Base defense at this level isn't the easiest thing in the world because you don't really have enough walls to create a decent structure. The Box Base is the easiest style base to build with few blocks, but also the most vulnerable to ground attacks. If you decide to go with this style of base, then I would suggest leveling up towers first. Jerichos need not be leveled because it is unlikely you'll see any air units until rating levels of 2200 or more. However, I would still build them in case somebody decides to use Hornets or Nurses for the daily mission. Jerichos also slow down Gunners while your other towers continually shoot at them. 

Quadrant and Diamond Bases should not be attempted at this level because you don't have enough walls to add more than one layer. If you want to jump ahead and start the bones of a Quandrant Base, then you may do so and add to it as the game goes on. Start by placing your Command Center in the middle of the map, add one Watchtower or Cannon to each corner of the Command Center, and then add your first Gold and Oil Storage buildings on the left and right of your Command Center. Surround with walls. Next, begin adding buildings to the outside of this box, leaving one space open every 1-3 buildings as you desire. Surround the entire structure with walls. You should see a box within a box. As you get more wall you may fill the spaces you left free to create small quadrants or begin a third layer to your base. Striving for level 5 walls will slow Gunners significantly at this level of the game. If you're not familiar with what these styles of bases look like, see Base Designs

Tip: Don't spend your Diamonds! In this stage of the game you should be saving your Diamonds until you have at least four Worker's Huts. Around about level 50, you should have enough to buy your fourth worker which will make upgrading your buildings much faster. 

Tip: Gold and Oil Storage buildings fill in the order that they were built and fill in the same order every time. Take your first Gold and first Oil storage building, upgraded it as high as it goes, and put it in the center of your base next to the Command Center. This will protect the resources you have, up to the first 2 million with a level 11 storage building. 

Mid Game

From a Command Center level of 6 to 8 is considered to be the Mid Game. By this point in the game, each player has pretty much decided if they are going to continue to play or quit. Those that continue will be rewarded with much more complex base designs, larger battles and increased clan participation. Participation in clan tournaments will become easier and more fun at a rating of 1800 and higher, granting you Diamonds to use as you see fit. However, the most important thing remains gathering resources and upgrading as much as you can. Command Centers level 7 and above will begin to get attacked by a greater number of high level units because the Loot Penalty will lessen between you and players that already have level 9 and 10 Command Centers. 

Base Offense

The strategies from the Early Game should continue to work into the Mid Game. Upgrading Rally Points to a maximum capacity of 180+ troops will ensure you are bringing enough into a battle to be successful. The higher level your troops are the more successful you will be. I suggest a army composed of 16-20 Gunners, 20 Slashers,10 Bombers and 30-50 Riflemen. This army should be successful until 2200+ rating. Pyros may also be incorporated into the army, but they are expensive and die easily. I never carry more than 8 Pyros at a time, but always carry at least 5 in case I run into a hard base with a ton of resources. 

Tip: Always go into battle with a fully army. Sometimes you'll lose when you would have normally won, if you had had a full army. If you haven't gotten the hero Alligator yet, then you'll want a full army when the opportunity presents itself. There are few things worse than seeing an easy base with 800k resources while you only have half an army. 

Base Defense

With a Command Center level 8, you will have 200 walls at your disposal. This is more than enough to build a decent two layer Quandrant or Box Base and may give you a good start on a Diamond Base. At this level, the more walls the better. It is unlikely air units will attack you until at least 2200 rating, so the higher level your walls are, the harder it will be for enemies to destroy your base. The introduction of more traps will help, but can get expensive to refill if you get attacked a lot. At a minimum, the one simply called Trap should be used in every base style. It's cheap to refill and hits very hard. 

Tip: Don't protect empty storage buildings. Nothing is lost if they are destroyed, so there is no point putting them behind walls. The first storage should always be protected and if it fills up and another one starts to fill, then you can always swap that one with another building in your base to help protect it. 

Late Game

A Command Center level of 8 and higher is considered to be the Late Game. At this point your base is high enough to have a majority of the available buildings and can be competitive in clan tournaments. It's likely that you have some favorite troops to use in battle and you know the limitations of your army; which bases you can successfully destroy and which you should avoid. While gathering resources and upgrading is important throughout the game, it is less important as your buildings get higher because they cost more to upgrade and take longer to complete. 

Base Offense

The same tactics that you've been using so far should still work below a rating of 2200. A total army of 185 will give you enough troops to handle any situation and can still be built in under 30 minutes. At this level, there won't be many bases with walls above level 7 and those that do should be avoided. There are always easier bases out there. Above 2200 level 8 and higher walls are very common. It is still possible to win with a simple army, but it is critical to level your units to 5 and eventually 6. If you run into trouble then consider using more Pyros or Mosquitos as part of your offensive strategy. Air attacks may also be incorporated, but are costly and take time to build. 

Base Defense

Base Defense at this level is very complex, regardless of the rating. As you level your Command Center, the penalty to resources stolen decreases until it no longer exists. Primarily meaning, enemies can steal more reasources from you in each attack. Finding a balance between all of the different attacks you'll see takes time and countless adjustments to your base. Jerichos can be kept in the outter to middle layer of the base until a rating of 2200. If you begin to get attacked by air troops, consider moving them to the middle to inner layers of the base. No one tower will matter as much as the collective level and proximity of the base design. Try and level them all up to a decent level instead of maxing one and then starting a new one. If you're having trouble with designing a base, then check out the top 100 list for one that you like and read Base Designs

Tip: Copying a base from the top 100 players list isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that some of their bases are not successful at all levels of the game. A base with level 10 walls will perform differently than one with level 6 walls, even if they are built exactly the same. 


This strategy guide was created by Ogre13 . 

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