" Hawk Helicopter - a first-class military development and a real trump card against enemy fortifications. Do you see the shark grin on the helicopter’s nose? It anticipates victory. "

Primary Target Targets Damage Type Housing Space Training Time Speed
Any Ground Single Target 20 30 min 200

General Information

The Black Hawk is the ninth unit received from the Barracks. This flying unit is capable of targeting both ground and air targets.

  • Note: The Black Hawk requires a level 9 Barracks.


Level DPS Health Training Cost Icon oil Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time
1 120 1,700 25,000 - -
2 150 2,000 32,500 1,700,000 5d
3 180 2,300 40,000 2,500,000 8d
4 190 2,500 45,000 8,000,000 14d
5 200 2,700 50,000 10,000,000 14d


For attacking or defending strategies, see Base Offense and Base Defense on our Strategy Guides page. 


  • The Black Hawk is actually a UH-1 Huey helicopter with a mislabeled

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