"Defensive structure: a hidden shelter to support your base. A reserve of troops is stationed inside, which will climb out to defend your base if enemy's get too close."

General Information

The Bunker is a defensive building that houses troops. The type/level of troops is changed as you upgrade.

Troops exit the bunker and fight if an attacking unit comes close enough - within a 10 tile radius.

Troops automatically regenerate after each battle even if they are all killed. There is no cost for these troops.

A maximum of 2 are available with a level 11 Command Center.

Building and Upgrading

Level Health Troops Upgrade Cost Icon gold Upgrade Tme Requirments
1 500 4*Lv2 Riflemen 20,000 12h CC3
2 800 4*Lv4 Riflemen 100,000 1d CC5
3 1100 4*Lv6 Riflemen 600,000 3d CC7
4 1400 4*Lv4 Pyro 1,500,000 5d CC9
5 1700 4*Lv6 Pyro 3,000,000 7d CC11
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20140820 205728


20140820 205814


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