Diamond Citadel

General Information

  • Note: Defeating the Diamond Citadel unlocks the Huntress hero.

Gold Resources Icon gold  

Oil Resouces Icon oil

600 000 600 000

Defense Building

Total Number









Flame Tower


Death Ray 11
Defdrone 4+


Strategy 1: Unit Count 200

  • 20 Gunners (Level 4+)
  • 18 Pyros
  • 15 Bombs (Level 4) 
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    Diamond Citadel

At position one and two (Right), quickly send 2 Gunners, followed by 2 Pyros. Next drop 5 Gunners at position three, followed by Bombers (try to guild all of the Bomber going to the hole) . Then drop the rest of Gunner and Pyros. For this strategy you will need a minimum of 15 Bombers at level 4 to break a hole in the wall. 

Tip: Request useful troops to fill your Clan HQ. Filling your Clan HQ with Bombers, Pyros or an Iron Storm may be the difference between getting Huntress and wasting 100k oil.  

Strategy 2: Unit Count 180

  • 3 Iron Storm (Any Level)
  • 15 Bombers (Level 4)
  • 20 Pyros (Level 4)
  • 2 Gunner (Level 4)

All troops will be deployed at position one (Above). Start with your 2 Gunners and quickly drop a couple of Pyros behind them to clear the towers to the left of position one. Next drop all of your Iron Storms, followed by all of your Bombers. Once the Bombers blow a hole in the walls, the storms will clear the traps just on the other side. Now drop half of your pyros. They should go into the hole. If they do not, then wait for them to clear a tower or two and drop the rest.