" Troops that are sent by the members of your clan are located here. These troops can attack or defend. Upgrade the Clan HQ to increase its capacity. "

General Information

The Clan HQ is a primary building that is located among the ruins of your jungle when you start the game. Upgrading the Clan HQ for the first time gives you access to joining a clan. After joining a Clan, members can donate troops to your base and they will be housed in the Clan HQ. Donated troops can be used while attacking or will automatically help defend the base when attacked.

Only one Clan HQ may be built at this time.

  • Note: The Clan HQ can only be populated by donated troops and cannot be filled by the user.
  • Note: Update 30.06 reduced the upgrade cost of the Clan HQ, added level 7, and added Clan War, Clan Levels, and Clan Arsenal.

Building and Upgrading

Note: Upgrade cost from 5-6 confirmed 7-2-14. 

Level Health Capacity Upgrade cost Icon gold Upgrade time Available at
1 0 0 500 - CC3
2 1,000 10 40,000 10 m CC4
3 1,400 15 150,000 8 h CC5
4 2,000 20 500,000 2 d CC6
5 2,600 25 750,000 4 d CC6
6 3,000 30 1,000,000 7 d CC7
7 3,100 35 3,000,000 10 d CC8

Clan Levels and Rewards

Clans began earning experience with Update 30.06 on 7-2-14. Every clan started at level 1 and activity prior to this date does not count towards clan experience. Experience is earned in two ways: participation in clan tournaments (the higher your clan places, the more experience your clan earns) and by completing clan assignments.  Experience points are noted with the same purple chevron icon that identifies clan level. 

The below table displays the rewards earned by achieving a certain clan level. All rewards, with the exception of the flags, icon, emblems, and increased player base, are temporary boosts that must be purchased and repurchased once the duration has expired. Additionally, a clan may only have one boost and one defensive weapon activated at one time. Activating an additional boost or defensive weapon will cancel the one currectly in effect and replace it with the new one. 

Level Experience Needed Benefit Activation cost Icon gold Duration
1 5,000 A unique flag with your clan's emblem is available in the store.  - -
2 5,500 Increase the health of defensive troops in the Clan HQ. (5%) 250,000 3d
3 6,000 Receive a powerful defensive weapon [lvl3 mortar] on the roof of your Clan HQ, temporarily increasing the base's defenses.  - 5d
4 6,500 Magnificent new clan emblems.  - -
5 7,000 Increases the damage of defensive troops in the Clan Base. (5%) 750,000 3d
6 7,500 Reducing the cost to speed up the process of constructing and upgrading buildings. (10%) 1,000,000 3d
7 8,000 Increases the health of all attacking troops. (10%) 2,000,000 3d
8 8,500 Increases the chance of getting diamonds when collecting garbage. (10%) 2,500,000 3d
9 9,000 The maximum number of players in the clan has been increased by 5.  - -
10 9,500 Increases the level of all attacking troops. (5%) 4,000,000 5d
11 10,000 Receive a powerful defensive weapon [lvl5 jericho] on the roof of your Clan HQ, temporarily increasing the base's defenses.  - 5d
12 10,500 Greatly increases the health of defensive troops in the Clan Base. (20%) 6,000,000 5d
13 11,500 Your clanmates are now able to request troops more often.  - -
14 12,500 Completely new clan emblems are available.  - -
15 13,500 Greatly increases the damage of defensive troops in the Clan Base. (10%) 9,000,000 5d
16 14,500 You now gather more resources from all resource-gathering structures. (10% each) 2,000,000 5d
17 15,500 Greatly increases the health of all attacking troops. (20%) 12,000,000 5d
18 16,500 A unique obelisk is available in the store.  - -
19 17,500 The maximum number of players in the clan has been increased by10. - -
20 18,500 Receive a powerful defensive weapon [lvl10 cannon] on the roof of your Clan HQ, temporarily increasing the base's defenses.  - 5d

Premium Clan Emblems

General of each clan has the option to unlock premium clan emblems. List of premium emblems with costs follows.


Army Barracks · Comcenter · Briefing Center · Lab · Special Forces · Rally Point · Workshop
Defense Airship Bomb · Air Torpedo · Big Bada Boom · Cannon · Death Ray · Defdrone · Dynamite · Flame Tower · Jericho · Lightning Gun · Mortar · SHIELD Generator · Spider Gun · Trap · Wall · Watchtower
Resource Gold Mine · Gold Storage · Oil Rig · Oil Storage
Other Clan HQ · Command Center · Decorations · Obstacles

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