To win a clan tournament the clan needs to get more trophies than the other competing clans. To earn trophies the player has to win PvP battles. Most players reach a point where they cannot gain any more rating, but wish to gain trophies for the clan.

The methods discussed below are used to gain more trophies while staying at the same rating.

Clan Tournament Brackets

The rating of each clan is the composite of the rating of all of its members. Clans of similar rating are paired together in groups of 20 to compete in the Clan Tournament. The pairing of clans is only based on clan rating and past wins have no bearing on backet grouping. Clan experience is awarded to all 20 participants, with the top five gaining the bulk of the available experience. Each bracket has a different amount of Diamonds awarded to the top 15 fighters. Diamonds can only be obtained by purchase, daily missions, clearing trash and winning tournaments. For more information on Diamonds, see Treasure Purchases

Below are the brackets, along with the Diamond reward for each placing. The reward is divided by 15 and given to the top 15 fighters in the clan. 


Shuffle Method

The Shuffle Method is also known as the Rollercoaster Method. To use the Shuffle Method the player needs to keep their rating between 2000-2099 ratings. The players wins battles worth between 5-12 ratings, then loses one or two battles worth 34-38 ratings. If done correctly the player can win 5 battles worth 7 rating each, earning 350 trophies, while losing one battle worth 35 ratings and 40 trophies. This grants a profit of 310 trophies while staying at the same rating. Doing this multiply times a day can lead to a great increase in clan trophies while staying at the same rating.

This method can work between three different rating zones:

  • 1400-1499
  • 1700-1799
  • 2000-2099 - 50 Trophies per win / 40 per loss
  • 2300-2399 - 65 Trophies per win / 55 per loss

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