" The latest research for supporting your troops in attack and defense is performed here. Upgrade the Comcenter to obtain new support options. "

General Information

The Comcenter allows the player to create different helpful extras to use in battle. At lvl 1 you can call in an Airstrike , dealing damage in a small area. at lvl 2 you can get Espionage , allowing the user to see clan reinforcements and traps. The Medpack heals all units in the are where it was placed by the player at lvl 3. Level 4 gives you Deactivation , which temporarily deactivates defensive buildings in the area. Lastly, completing the Ultimate Weapon campaign through Stormstrike allows you to build Carpet Bombing. This gives you the ability to deal massive damage to a limited area.  

Building and Upgrading

The "Max Number of Supports" corresponds to the number of Airstrikes, MedpacksEspionages, Deactivation, and Carpet Bombing slots available. They can be mixed and matched as desired.


Health Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade time Max # Supports Required
1 200 700 000 1 d 2 CC5
2 450 2 000 000 2 d 3 CC7
3 600 4 000 000 7 d 4 CC9
4 900 8 000 000 14 d 5 CC11

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