"When used on the clan headquarters, displays what troops are inside. After being upgraded at the workshop, can reveal enemy traps and the level of enemy troops in the clan headquarters."

General Information 

Espionage is the second support received when upgrading the Comcenter . It allows the user to avoid situations where they may lose to powerful troops in the Clan HQ . Upon leveling, it will show the user where the traps are within the selected area. However, it will not disarm the trap and it will not show Defdrones

Building and Upgrading

Level Range Building Cost Icon oil Production Time Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time Requires
1 350 7,500 45 min - - Comcenter 2
2 600 13,000 45 min 1,200,000 3d Workshop 2
3 1000 16,000 45 min 3,200,000 7d Workshop 3

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