" Building that allows you to access enhancement monuments. Upgrade the Foundry to increase the number of monuments that can be built. "

General Information Edit

The Foundry is a building that is used to create Monuments that have certain enhancement properties.

A maximum of one Foundry can be built with a level 4 Command Center. Each upgrade level allows for an additional Monument to be built.

Building and Upgrading Edit




Upgrade costIcon oil

Upgrade time

CC-Level Required


210 2 45,000 No Time 4


280 3 100,000 8 h 5


310 4 600,000 3 d 7


360 5 3,000,000 6 d 9?

Notes Edit

  • You can still get badges if the foundry is upgrading.
  • You can still make monuments if the foundry is upgrading.

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