"Use when attacking an enemy base to heal allied troops in a small area."

General Information 

The Medpack is the third support received when upgrading the Comcenter . Using a Medpack is the only way to heal troops that have been deployed in an enemy base. It will heal both ground and air units, but should only be used on troops with enough health to be beneficial. 

*Note - The lvl 1 Medpack has a heal great enough to fully heal every unit except Iron Storms, Black Hawks, and Predators. 

Building and Upgrading

Level Range Healing Building Cost Icon oil Production Time Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time Requires
1 400 600 25,000 1 hour - - Comcenter 3
2 400 880 37,000 1 hour 2,500,000 7d Workshop 3
3 400 1200 45,000 1 hour 5,500,000 7d
4 400 1600 55,000 1 hour 8,000,000 7d Workshop 4

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