" The nurse tends the wounds of the brave fighters. The latest equipment allows support at the hotspot but the Nurse must be protected from anti-aircraft weapons. "

Primary Target Targets Healing Type Housing Space Training Time Speed
Any Ground only Area 20 20 min 200

General Information

The Nurse is the eigth unit received from the Barracks. This flying unit is capable of healing other units.

  • Note: The Nurse requires a level 8 Barracks and a level 6 Command Center.  
  • Level 5 Nurse requires Lab 10


Level HPS Health Training Cost Icon oil Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time
1 29 430 7,000 - -
2 39 520 10,000 700,000 1d
3 49 620 13,000 2,000,000 3d
4 69 976 15,000 4,000,000 5d
5 93 1216 20,000 6,000,000 8 d


For attacking or defending strategies, see Base Offense and Base Defense on our Strategy Guides page. 

Also goes great with invaders, gunners, and heroes. A crucial component in the very effective Invader-Nurse combo attack.  Note that if heroes are deployed and take damage, nurses will heal heroes before invaders, which may hamper the effectiveness of the attack.  Finally, keep in mind that nurses are extremely vulnerable to Jerichos, Lightning Guns, Air Torpedos, and Airship Bombs.  Deploying Sappers ahead of Nurses is a wise precaution so that traps are disarmed.

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