" "I'm fire, I'm death" declares the pilot of the Predator, sweeping away all in his path with heavy fire. "

Primary Target Targets Damage Type Housing Space Training Time Speed
Any Ground Area 25 1h15m 200

General Information

The Predator is a Harrier jet that can open up a can of whoop-ass and make it home in time for dinner with time to spare.


Level Damage Health Training Cost Icon oil Icon gold Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time Requirements
1 125 2400 30000 - - Special Forces Level 4
2 135 2700 35000 6,000,000 10d Lab Level 9
3 145 2900 40000 8,000,000 14d Lab Level 10


  • The Predator bears a resemblance to AV-8 Harrier II.