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" Reign of fire is the credo of the Pyro. Everything will burn and the enemy will be reduced to smoldering embers. Burn, flamethrower, burn, until the enemy base is entirely ablaze. "

Primary Target Targets Damage Type Housing Space Training Time Speed
Any Ground Single Target 4 10 min 200

General Information

The Pyro is the seventh unit received from the Barracks. This unit can attack both ground and air units

  • Note: The Pyro requires a level 7 Barracks and level 5 Command Center.


Level DPS Health Training Cost Icon oil Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time
1 50 75 1,500 - -
2 70 90 2,000 75,000 12h
3 90 108 2,500 400,000 1d
4 124 130 3,000 1,000,000 2d
5 170 156 3,500 2,000,000 3d
6 180 164 4,000 7,000,000 5d


For attacking or defending strategies, see Base Offense and Base Defense on our Strategy Guides page. 


  • This unit loosely resembles the Pyro from Team Fortress 2.

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