" Invisible protection for your troops. This robot uncovers enemy traps before even they detect him. "

General Information

Moves through the enemies base invisible deactivating traps so that your troops are not affected by them. 

  • *NOTE* if you place one down and it starts attacking a building this means that the enemy has no active traps and their is no need to place more down


Level Health Training Cost Icon oilIcon gold Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time Invisible Requirements
1 2 2,000 - - 7 Seconds Special Forces Level 2
2 4 4,000 5,000,000 10d 10 Seconds Lab Level 7
3 6 6,000 8,000,000 14d 15 Seconds Lab Level 8


  • The Sapper bears a resemblance to ANDROS, a bomb disposal robot.