A special defensive building camouflaged as a resting Worker's Hut. Upon activation, the roof of the "Worker's Hut" folds back, revealing a defensive bot similar to a Def Drone that sends Area damaging pulses. It uses custom Ammo earned through special "Invasion" and "Assault" levels of the Single Player Campaign.

It was earned through completion of a special set of missions associated with the Cargo Plane Event.

Level Health Damage Max Ammo Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost
1 400 5 10 N/A (Instant) Complete Cargo Plane
2 600 9 20 16 hours 1,500,000 Gold
3 680 25 60 10 Days 6,000,000 Gold
4 850 45 100 14 Days 10,000,000 Gold
Totals 850 45 100 24d 16h 17,500,000 Gold

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