" The Spy is the James Bond of the jungle, making all your missions possible. Gold reserves and oil storage quiver at the sight of the swift and elusive Spy. "

Primary Target Targets Damage Type Housing Space Training Time Speed
Resources (x2) Ground Single Target 1 30s 400

General Information

The Spy is the second unit received from the Barracks. Along with the Slasher and Rifleman, the Spy is one of the most basic units able to attack a single ground target. This unit does double damage versus resource buildings and can be devestating in large swarms. 

  • Note: The Spy requires a level 2 Barracks.
  • Note: In PVP and Campaign mode, Spies will target the nearest building once all Resource Buildings on the map have been destroyed. Command Centers in PVP and Headquarters in Campaign mode are not considered Resource Buildings and Spies will not specifically target them first. 


Level DPS Health Training Cost Icon oil Upgrade Cost Icon oil Upgrade Time
1 11 25 25 - -
2 14 30 40 25,000 6h
3 19 36 60 200,000 1d
4 24 43 80 700,000 3d
5 32 52 100 2,000,000 5d
6 42 68 150 4,500,000 10d


For attacking or defending strategies, see Base Offense and Base Defense on our Strategy Guides page. 


  • The goggles bear homage to Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

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