Prioritizing where to attack a base is one the complex parts of Jungle Heat but also one of the features that makes the game strategic as it is enjoyable. Whether your main objective is attaining resources, eliminating the command center, or getting a three-star victory for a full amount of medals, the triple point offense is proven to be effective amongst attacking "Generals".


"Triple Point" refers to the usage of deploying three sets of troops at different sections of an enemy base. The set of units deployed are prioritized with weakening certain defenses (cannons, towers) and also attacking resources (reserves, oil rigs, and gold mines).

Advantages: With troops applied to certain targets, players are able to ensure that they are able to at least attain resources and possibly do damage to cetain sections of the base. When this occurs, its is possible that the defenses will fall quickly. As a result, all three troops sets should me at the command center.

Disadvantages: Unlike a single full detachment, that is, all units (troops) deployed at one single point, usage of triple point can result in a quick death to a players troops at certain sections. Players must take into account traps as well as defense troops at the enemy clan center.

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