After a long debate with myself on whether I should save the 6 million gold and upgrade the Command Center to level 10 or continue upgrading towers and walls, I decided to take the plunge and start the upgrade. It took two days of continual fighting to gather enough gold to start the upgrade. Surprisingly, I didn't get attacked one time! Although, I made sure people didn't get a chance to steal my resources by keeping my phone on for 8 hours straight while at work. LOL! Then came the 14 day wait...

Now that my upgrade has completed, I'll have to say that I'm unimpressed. Without a doubt the extra walls, Watchtower and Cannon will help with base defense. However, I'm slowly discovering that it's near impossible to gather the same amount of resources in the same time period as before the upgrade. It's taken me an average of 13 searches to find a base with enough oil to cover the cost of my army, when before it took an average of only 5 searches. My average resource gain per battle has dropped from 300k combined to only 100k combined!

After gathering 6 million in gold and waiting 14 days for the upgrade to complete, I can honestly say that I regret my decision.  If I had to do it all over again, I would waited longer to upgrade my Command Center from 9 to 10. The additional buildings didn't grant enough defensive power to warrant the drop in resources. 

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