Before the introduction of Heroes, I found myself staring at a level 8 base wondering how powerful I could make it. I could continue upgrading buildings or walls, but why would I when I could upgrade the Command Center and gain ADDITIONAL buildings and walls? It made perfect sense to me! Of course, at the time, I didn't know that I would one day be searching for a base with 800k combined resources. I saved up my 4.5 million and went for the level 9 upgrade. Little did I know that I would be staring at 6 million gold by the time the upgrade would be done. I thought, what the hell, lets go for it! I was so excited! I immediately built all of my walls, upgraded them and started filling the spaces with defensive towers. My base would be awesome! 

Shortly after I was singing a different tune. WTF did I do!? That loot penalty hit me like a swift right hook. I went from routinely making 200k each battle to 50-100k combined. Not only that, but the bases got harder, took more oil each battle and seaching bases went up 600 gold per pass. Those first couple of weeks were awful.

I started seeing Alligator everywhere! Level 40 players had him patrolling their bases and it seemed like everyone had him. After about a month of fighting, I still hadn't ever seen a base above 500k combined resources. I got angry! One night before bed I started building Black Hawks. One of my barracks was being upgraded and another one was too low, so I could only build 6. The next day I finished my Fleet of DOOM!

I began searching at 8am that next day. By 11 am I had searching through 50 bases. By 4 pm I had searched through 80 bases. Finally on my 136th base I found it! My eyes bulged out of my head, I began to sweat, my mouth began to water and then it happened. I reached out, focusing on my target, and ... Laid Down the BOOM! 

Ogre Alligator 1

Add one unsuspecting base full of resources.

Ogre13 Alligator Attack 2

Lightly add 11 level 2 Black Hawks and bake for 1 minute 57 seconds.

Ogre13 Alligator Attack 3

Remove your Alligator from the Command Center and serve immediately.

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